Theo Nyreröd


I am a doctoral researcher at Brunel Law writing a thesis on the origins, design, and performance of whistleblower laws under the supervision of Stelios Andreadakis.

My expertise is in everything surrounding whistleblowing, with an emphasis on financial crimes and monetary reward programs.


Selected Publications

Nyreröd, T. Spagnolo, G. 2021. “Myths and numbers on whistleblower rewards”, Regulation and Governance, 15(1), 82-97, available at:

Nyreröd, T., Andreadakis, S., and Spagnolo, G. 2022. “Money laundering and sanctions enforcement: large rewards, leniency, and witness protection for whistleblowers”, The Journal of Money Laundering Control, early view available at:

Spagnolo, G. Nyreröd, T. 2021. “Financial Incentives to whistleblowers: a short survey.”, Cambridge Handbook of Compliance. Sokol, D., van Rooij, B. (Eds). Cambridge University Press.

Nyreröd, T. Kohn, S. 2021. “Whistleblowing in the EU: the enforcement perspective”, in: Selected papers from the International Whistleblowing Research Network on 17th of September 2021, Kierans, L., Lewis, D., and W. Vandekerckhove (eds),  pp.66-85, available at: